Three Top Video Production Locations in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the nation's greatest cities, and that makes it a top spot for shooting video productions. WORK WITH THE BEST VIDEO CAMERA CREWS IN ATLANTA courtesy of a company that specializes in putting together such teams, and making the most of all the city has to offer becomes assured.

Many Fantastic Places to Shoot Video with the Help of Skilled Crews in Atlanta

For those who have access to informed, talented camera crews in Atlanta, many options await. Some of the locations that most often prove perfect for particular productions include:

The Atlanta History Center. Despite being such a modern city in so many ways, Atlanta is truly rich with history. The city remains host to many beautiful, stately mansions that were built a century or more ago. One of the most impressive of these stands on the grounds of the highly regarded Atlanta History Center and is a favorite among local camera crews. Making it easy to add a dose of instantly recognizable Southern flair to any production, this special home makes for a great set.

The Georgian Terrace. Another type of architecture that crops up frequently in Atlanta is the Beaux-Arts style of the early twentieth century. There are few better examples of this elegant type of architecture to be found anywhere than Atlanta's Georgian Terrace hotel. This establishment has cropped up in hundreds of film and video productions over the years and has even featured on more than one rock album cover. Atlanta video crews know what it takes to incorporate the charm of the Georgian Terrace into just about any type of project.

Jackson Street Bridge. Atlanta's skyline is more impressive than its reputation might suggest. Although it is perhaps not as iconic as those of cities like New York and Chicago, the profile of downtown Atlanta shines quite brightly when viewed from the right vantage point. Experts are unanimous in highlighting the Jackson Street Bridge as the most scenic place from which to view Atlanta's skyline, and many local video production projects take advantage of this fact each year.

Creating Something Truly Unforgettable

With dozens of other Atlanta-area locations being every bit as appealing in their own ways, production projects never lack for options. The key in every case is to be sure of hiring a crew that is ready to make the most of everything Atlanta has to offer. Fortunately, that is never difficult to do, as there are companies that specialize in making this possible for their clients.